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Thank you for considering CAMN: Crisis Actors of Minnesota for your training needs, if you are seeking our services for the first time, please fill out the questionnaire below.

New Client Questionnaire

The following 9-question survey will guide you through our CAMN services and help determine which options are right for your group.

A Bit About You

Roleplay Sessions

At CAMN, we provide safe and interactive roleplay sessions where members of your team can engage with professional crisis actors and practice de-escalating a crisis.

Typical roleplays run about 20 minutes each (including time-outs for group discussions). These 20-minute roleplays contain a specific scenario, at least one CAMN actor, and one participant from your organization to engage with the roleplay.

We also offer 60-minute roleplays, which allow for three participants from your organization to take turns resolving a scenario as a team.


Scenarios lay out the setting and characters for each roleplay (Basic scenario example: an individual with schizophrenia is experiencing a mental health crisis in a parking lot). Each scenario will have specific learning points and tools to identify individual mental health conditions and appropriate de-escalation techniques for these issues. 

Note: You do not need a new scenario for every one of your participants. For example, if you have 20 team members you would like to participate in the roleplays, you can split into four groups of five and have every group practice with the same five scenarios. Or you can stay as one large group and explore 20 distinctly different scenarios. 


All roleplays require at least one CAMN actor. But, if you’d like to create custom scenarios that require more than one actor (ex: domestic disputes, hostages, bystanders, etc.), please note that below. 


Roleplay sessions will require a "coach" to start, stop, and take breaks during the roleplay. During breaks, the coach will engage your team and lead a discussion about any challenges or successful moments experienced during the scenario.

There are two options for coaches:

  1. You can hire a CAMN coach to lead the roleplays for you. CAMN coaches will provide space for lead members of your team to interact in the coaching process, but CAMN will take on the majority of the responsibility. (We recommend this option for clients who have little to no experience with crisis roleplay.)

  2. A member of your organization can be the coach. CAMN will provide you with educational materials to help you lead discussions and facilitate roleplays yourself. (We recommend this option only for clients who have experience with crisis roleplay.)

Would you like to hire CAMN coaches for your roleplays?

Thank you for taking the time to fill out this questionnaire! Our Client Services Manager will send you your initial services quote after receiving your completed questionnaire. 

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