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De-escalation and
Crisis Intervention Training

Professional development for companies, communities, institutes, and individuals

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How it Works

How It Works

CAMN is a de-escalation training company that provides safe and interactive role-play opportunities to practice nonviolent crisis intervention and conflict management strategies.

Crisis Prevention and Intervention

You can't always predict the behaviors of others, but you can learn how to use de-escalation techniques to expand mental health awareness and resolve conflicts in the workplace.

Professional Crisis Actors

​CAMN provides gold-standard actors, professionally trained in improvisational de-escalation acting. You can step into a role-play with diverse and authentic characters while you practice conflict resolution strategies. 

Tactile Learning

With CAMN, you can extend your training past the classroom and engage in realistic scenarios that help build muscle memory. One-on-one role-plays allow you to safely explore challenging situations and elevate your professional training.

Custom Packages

Every client has unique needs; our team works with you every step of the way, offering custom role-play scenarios designed for your specific needs. 

Our services in a nutshell. Watch now!


Does your workplace struggle with angry customers or visitors?


Do you interact with people experiencing mental health crises?


Do your employees need emotional support or resources? 


"This was one of the most meaningful trainings that we have ever done. Our entire group was so impressed with the professionalism of the actors as well as the direct support received from the facilitators.

We would absolutely recommend CAMN for any group who has a public-facing component."

Kait Ziemer-Davis
Owner, Sea Salt Eatery
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