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A Professional
De-escalation Practice

For communities, companies, institutes, and individuals.

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How it Works

How It Works

CAMN is a role-play company that provides safe and interactive opportunities to practice de-escalating a crisis. 

Preparing for Crisis

You can't always prevent others' actions, but you can learn to recognize different forms of crisis and collect tools to safely de-escalate a situation.

Professional Crisis Actors

​CAMN provides gold-standard actors, professionally trained in improvisational crisis acting. We create safe opportunities for your team to interact with characters in crisis. 

Hands-on Training

With CAMN, you can extend your training past the classroom and engage in realistic roleplay with professional de-escalation actors. Don't worry—you don't have to be an actor yourself—all you have to do is respond to the situation.

Custom Packages

Every client has unique needs for their community; our team works with you every step of the way, offering custom role-play scenarios designed for your specific needs.

No matter the conflict, CAMN can help you develop skills to resolve crises and avoid unnecessary harm.


Does your workplace struggle with agitated individuals? 


Do you interact with people experiencing mental health issues?


Do your friends and family need emotional support or resources? 


"One of the most important and helpful aspects of our training program is the hands-on, realistic scenarios officers engage in with the Crisis Actors. Time and time again, the consistent feedback I get as a leader from our staff is that the scenarios and the time spent with the Crisis Actors are the most informative, rewarding, and beneficial part of the whole class. Working with the extremely talented and dedicated Crisis Actors gives our officers the confidence to use these skills in the real world."

Dan Domke
Operations Supervisor, Park Nicollet Health Services Safety and Security
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